Practice Information

Dr. Hwang sees patients ages 14 and up.  She provides primary care including complete physical exams/preventive health care, in-person and telemedicine care to manage acute and  chronic medical conditions, and coordination of care with specialists.  She communicates with patients promptly via phone and electronic portal.   Blood draws, certain immunizations/injections, EKG, and certain lab tests (urine, strep, flu, COVID-19) are offered in-house. 

True Physician Care is a fee-for-service practice, meaning Dr. Hwang does not contract with insurance or with Medicare for payment.  This allows Dr. Hwang more availability and time to spend with patients and to address their individual needs.  Dr. Hwang makes every effort to have laboratory tests, radiologic studies, and when appropriate, specialty referrals, done within your insurance network.  Our office provides an invoice for medical services (in-person and televisits) which you can submit to your insurance (excluding Medicare) for potential reimbursement.

While True Physician Care is NOT a concierge or retainer-based practice, there is an annual administrative fee of $240 to partially defray the costs of running a high-service-level medical practice.

This administrative fee includes:

  • Precertifications with insurance companies, forms and letters, and medication refills.

  • Portal correspondence for clinical concerns within one month of an office or televisit as well as administrative emails.

  • Online and telephone appointment scheduling and medication refill requests.

The administrative fee is due at the beginning of January each year.  For 2024, the due date is January 20, 2024.

Medicare patients must sign our Medicare Opt-out Contract every 2 years coinciding with Dr. Hwang’s opt-out status.

True Physician Care

Limited Fee Schedule

New Patient*
Established Patient
Physical exam, age 12-17
Physical exam, age 18-39
Physical exam, age 40-64
Physical exam, age 65+
Problem-oriented visits**:

*New patients are patients who have not received medical care from Dr. Hwang in the past 3 years. Age ranges above correspond to standard preventive visit codes used by insurance companies.


**Fees for problem-oriented visits vary based on degree of complexity; follow up visits for the same condition within a few weeks from the original visit are typically discounted; straightforward medication monitoring visits are typically discounted. (Fee schedule subject to change.)


June 2024 Announcements
For Current Patients

Tanya will be out of the office Thursday, June 6 through Tuesday, June 11.
Our office will be closed on June 19th in recognition of Juneteenth.

Meet Our Staff

Tanya Alston, MA

Tanya Alston has been working with Dr. Hwang as a medical assistant for much of Dr. Hwang’s medical career. Patients appreciate her warm personality, professionalism, patient-centered focus and adept technical skills.