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Contact Us

True Physician Care, LLC
The Camalier Building
10215 Fernwood Road
Suite 405
Bethesda, MD 20817


OFFICE HOURS: 8:30 AM-5 PM Mon-Fri
Phones off 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM and after 4:30 PM
Voicemails checked throughout the business day





(Dr. Hwang will retrieve messages and will respond for URGENT issues)

Non-Urgent Schedule Request

Please complete this schedule request form and you will receive a telephone call to schedule an appointment. Use the Comment Field to specify your schedule preferences.

Administrative Inquiry

For non-clinical inquiries only. Please DO NOT use for questions about your health, requests for medication refills or referrals.

Prescription Refill Request

We strive to accommodate prescription refills in a timely and error-free manner.

For most prescriptions, the optimal method to refill a prescription is to contact your pharmacy (retail or mail-order) and ask them to send an electronic request to Dr. Hwang.  She will then have an opportunity to review the request for appropriateness and accuracy.

Alternatively, refill requests may be submitted via the Patient Portal.

Otherwise, please submit the following Prescription Refill Request Form.

July 2024 Announcements
For Current Patients

Our office will be closed on Thursday, July 4th.
Dr. Hwang will be out of the office Friday, July 26th through Tuesday, August 6th.  Dr. Kanter will cover urgent medical issues, and you may reach her through Tanya during normal business hours.  You may reach Dr. Kanter for urgent matters after hours by calling our office telephone number.

Meet Our Staff

Tanya Alston, MA

Tanya Alston has been working with Dr. Hwang as a medical assistant for much of Dr. Hwang’s medical career. Patients appreciate her warm personality, professionalism, patient-centered focus and adept technical skills.

Prescription Refill Request Form